Believe it or not there are about 3000 species of fleas in the world!! Many fleas are host specific..eg human being..rats..animals..etc and will migrate if necessary. Female is larger than male anf ingest more blood. image               The cycle of flea species. These fleas prefer dark areas and avoid lights..probably related to vampire species!! Commonly found among the hairs and feathers of animals..bed and clothing of people. You will realized flea habitation when presence of blood stains..due to the excretion of undigested blood by these suckers!! They are good jumpers( about 30cm ) The most common flea biting is the cat fleas ( Ctenocephalides felis ) Another type..the dog ticks ( Ctenocephalides Canis ) Another type..human flea ( Pulex Irritans) Their bites usually at ankles and legs or on sleeping person. Their bites are ridiculously very irritating..discomforting and at times may lead to secondary infection by bacteria and may cause dermatitis or skin inflammation. image Therefore anyone out there who is still scratching miserably due to the above factor. Its time to consider calling me/sms..at 0192185950 email at frontierbizworld@gmail.com or fax me at +41415880486…for quotation to end your misery.  Thank you


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