German Cockcroaches ( Germanica Blatella )


In most gastronomies (F & B ) outlet premise. With this type of decor may look soothing & nice, but do you know that it provides good harbourage for this German Cockroaches. This particular species multiply at every 2 weeks. What makes them survivor is that the egg capsule or ootheca is being always being carried by the female. Unlike the other species American Cockcroaches  ( Americana Periplaneta..may produce 28 nymps per ootheca) they deposit their egg capsules at edges of the door seams..carton boxes etc.

Furthermore te egg shells are not strong enough for the pesticides to penetrate through. Due to this they do multiply rapidly even after treatment being done( Per egg capsule in which can produce approximately 42 nymphs) Within 2 weeks you may encounter lots of nymphs. To customer’s eye it is still a cockcroach. But for pest controllers it is a good sign as more nymphs are at sight means the possibilities of adult Cockcroaches are being terminated. Those are new batches or new generation.


That is the main reason we switch pesticides from time to they may develope immunity if the same pesticides being used.


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